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Privacy Policy

EC Transformation

What is EC Transformation (EX) ?

A concept that interpreted as “digital transformation” within the field of EC. It is utilizing technology and creating innovative value with our unique EC Eco platform that also includes the real world. It aims for the integration and improvement of marketing activity efficiency and improved engagement, and also to establish a better relationship with consumers.


PIALA’s EX Eco Platform

We link our originally-developed solutions and big data to AI specialized in the field of beauty and health supplements to optimize marketing activities. We offer the best shopping experiences by treating consumers individually to develop fresh and responsive communication. We aim for customer acquisition and development based on efficient execution and high customer satisfaction.

PIALA’s Results-based Compensation EX Eco Platform PIALA’s Results-based Compensation EX Eco Platform

PIALA’s Results-based Compensation EX Eco Platform

* PIALA’s KPI Guaranteed


Realization of EC Transformation

* PIALA’s KPI Guaranteed

Establish integrated automation from new acquisition through to CRM.
We achieve KPI by running solutions through professional consulting teams especially effective in the fields of beauty and health supplements.

  • result-master

    AI equipped Comprehensive
    Marketing Automation Systems


    Patented! Achieving the best one-to-one marketing automation by visualizing LTV from advertising. DMP linkage specialized in the field of beauty and health supplements.

  • result-ec

    EC Cart for Sales Growth


    EC cart systems which intensify sales increases. Works with Social networking and the popular Amazon Pay, etc. Backed up by consulting staff with experience in the mail order support of more than 600 companies.

  • result-plus

    Closed Affiliate


    Closed affiliate service specialized in the EC of beauty and health supplement fields. Powerful partners and web advertising which are all result-based.

  • bemattch

    Online Customer
    Service Support System


    Smartphone AI automated customer service support tool. One-to-one customer service is only made possible by embedding tags according to the pages viewed and browsing time of customers. Perfect for preventing lost customers!

  • curebo

    Chat Commerce System


    Next-generation EC that anyone can easily start online shopping on LINE or Facebook.

  • Beauty Media


    A beauty web media for adult women, which sends out the chance to find a beautiful life by yourself.