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Based in Japan, PIALA Group has developed as a global marketing firm with our offices in China and Thailand.
Not only do we provide support for our clients in Japan, such as business expansion support in Asia, marketing research, license acquisition and translation, but also grow along with local companies overseas through a wide range of services, such as marketing, event, system/apps development, design, etc.


  • EXEC Trasformation
  • 広AD・Marketing
  • SSystem Development
  • 海Support for
    Overseas Expansion
  • PIALA Smart Marketing for Your Life


Providing group-wide management, and marketing automation solutions to clients. We develop various services as a general support for our clients, such as solution for real/web media, big data analysis and consultation.

  • PIALab

PIALab. Inc.

Subsidiary company in Okinawa focusing on Ad operations, system development and business support, etc.

  • PG比智

PG-Trading (HangZhou) Co., Ltd.

We fully support management/planning, production, designing, and advertisement operation of e-commerce markets (such as T-mall and Taobao) that continue to grow in the Chinese market and two major SNSs in China, “WeChat” and “Weibo.”


PIATEC(Thailand)Co., Ltd.

IT/production related: Programming/HTML coding, Apps and various design creations, Marketing research, Manage WASHOKU portal “ChannelJ” and Thai market business support related etc.