Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Advertising and Marketing

We are able to introduce various forms of media, from mass advertising to niche media, both online and offline. By developing our own original media, such as TV shopping programs and in-house manged web-based media, we aim to achieve communication which provides a mutually beneficial relationship between clients and consumers. We also support web videos, buzz marketing and inbound marketing from overseas in addition to simple media purchasing. Our specialists in each field will support multifaceted marketing to meet challenges faced within relationships between media companies and external partnerships.

Traditional Marketing

We develop print-marketing suitable for making detailed claims to specific targets. High efficiency is achieved in various media plans which are adapted to the characteristics of the target and product.

Promotional Inserts

Doufu Concierge

Brochures and pamphlets are inserted into newsletters and products from mail-order companies and forwarded to specific users. We offer the best plans, selected from more than 500 pieces of media which includes various types of exclusive media.

DM Advertisement

DM Concierge

DM advertising service has an emphasis on maximizing new acquisitions. By simulating everything from the testing of each medium, budget-setting and advertisement cost recovery models, we promise a high level of response and highly effective implementation.


Products are introduced from our affiliated call center based on each database of mail order customers. More than 30 million listings available! We achieve a very high level of new acquisitions through our immense number of listings coupled with our experienced-based know-how.

SNS Marketing

Influencers will distribute the information using video on social media, blogs, and video-hosting websites. This will achieve communication with high diffusibility and empathy.

Support for Overseas Business Expansion

We will provide comprehensive support on business launches in China. We are able to provide a wide range of support with consultations from our local office; from web marketing and creating websites utilizing our original solutions, social networking operation, through to trademark registration and sales promotion.