E-commerce digital transformation services

The healthcare, beauty, and food industries
E-commerce digital transformation services
Take on an industry game change with new perspectives in response to the marketing market changes

In recent years, web advertisements have been quickly becoming more regulated and less reliable. Due to these factors, web strategies based solely on acquisition have rapidly slowed down, and companies are now inclined to review the advantages of offline advertising and branding before allocating optimal marketing budget. At the same time, however, it is also true that there are many problems in visualizing the effects of offline advertising and integrating and analyzing data.

This led us to find challenges and needs, in repsonse to which we started providing an e-commerce digital transformation service that centrally manages offline and online data and optimizes everything from branding to LTV improvement in one integrated step. We will innovate the industry by going back to the basics of marketing: to make people become long-term fans through a deep understanding of product value, rather than impulsive purchases.

Total support for e-commerce operators from every angle
Our business areas are diverse, and we have specialized solutions that enable us to provide total support for consultation with our clients, covering everything from their business planning to acquisition of new customers and development of existing customers, as well as digital transformation of e-commerce and D2C businesses, establishment of infrastructure for logistics and call centers, and funding assistance.
E-commerce digital transformation service overview
(Marketing digital transformation service)

The e-commerce digital transformation service centrally manages target data*1 that has been difficult to visualize until now, ranging from branding to LTV improvement. It optimizes the entire marketing process by combining data and expertise from more than 800 companies and unique data on different concerns that we have accumulated to date, with an analytical environment built for each client.

It leads to an increase in final sales by analyzing the correlation between purchases and brand advertising, informercials, and other measures, following the high-speed PDCA cycle.

Marketing digital transformation service for other industries

We have been providing marketing support to e-commerce operators mainly in healthcare, beauty, and food areas. Based on our accumulated expertise, we are expanding our area of support through the marketing digital transformation service to a variety of industries.

Why PIALA’s expertise can be used in other industries

E-commerce marketing is very thorough and repeats the PDCA cycle 2 million times per month. It is believed that almost no other industry conducts marketing with similar speed, and we will also contribute to improving sales in other industries with visualization and analytical skills for the entire measure, combined with high-speed PDCA x the consulting capacity we have cultivated in e-commerce marketing.

E-commerce digital transformation
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