PIALA support EC marketing. We solve clients marketing problems in industry of beauty and health supplements.
With the desire to establish mutually beneficial relationships, win-win we have offered continuous support to direct marketing companies, primarily in the fields of beauty and health supplements, and we have come to support more than 600 companies. For the past two years, we have been focusing on EC marketing tech in order to make complicated marketing “Simple & Best”, and have been seeking more efficiency from Advertising and Marketing.

In recent years, however, digital transformation (digital innovation) has been taking place in various industries due to evolving technologies and the utilization of big data. Mail order businesses are also moving towards EC, and the market in Japan will exceed 20 trillion Yen in the year 2020 and globally will become a 300 trillion Yen mega-market. PIALA has been aiming for optimization through “Know-how x Data x Technology”, and as we began to understand the current state of this period of major transformation, we realize that WE also need to innovate.

Keeping with the spirit of mutual benefit as our management philosophy, we aim to become a leading company that brings about transformation (innovation) in EC, and we will proceed towards new steps based on [Enhancement of original solutions utilizing Technology x Data] + [Know-how accompanied by experience] in order to create innovation in these three elements; “Contact: providing the best opportunity”; “Experience: creating the best experience”; “Convenience: discovering the strongest convenience”.

In addition, by maximizing the spirit of mutual benefits, laying out “Innovation in Marketing”, and by shifting to a completely result-based model from customer acquisition to development, we will advance to become the No. 1 marketing commit company for the web marketing of beauty and health supplements. Along with this, we are looking for partners and members who will bring innovation together.
We will aim for growth as a group, pursue user satisfaction, and figure out how to increase the value of company, And how we can create a value that will bring happiness to everyone’s lives.

Takao AsukaPIALA Group CEO