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About handling of
personal information in “Inquiry”

1. Administrator of personal information
Chief Administrator of Personal Information Protection 
Compliance Office PIALA, INC. 
Contact: Phone +81(0)3-6820-0730

2. Purpose of personal information
(1) Used to respond to inquiries
(2) Used to introduce our products and services

3. Provision to third parties of personal information
We will not provide any customer personal information to any third party.

4. Consignment of personal information
We may consign personal information to third parties for business management. In such case, we will select an outsourcer with high standards of protection of personal information for proper management, by entering into an agreement concerning proper management and confidentiality of personal information.

5. Request for Disclosure of Personal Information
You are entitled to inquire to our contact center for the disclosure of your own personal information (including notification of purpose of use, disclosure, correction/addition/deletion of contents, suspension or termination of use, suspension to provide the information to third parties). In this case, we will verify your identity and respond within a reasonable period.

6. Voluntary Disclosure of Personal Information
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[Contact Us]
Please use the following contact details for any inquiries, complaints, or request for disclosure of personal information.
29F Ebisu Garden Place Tower, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-6029 JAPAN
TEL +81(0)3-6820-0730 (Main)
FAX +81(0)3-5793-8888


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