Visualizes and analyzes the increase in and effectiveness of access to the web including TV commercial reach, location information, and creative, optimizes PDCA cycle, and maximizes acquisition efficiency.


Performs overall optimization to increase sales by centrally managing and analyzing offline and online marketing data that has not been visualized until now.


Closed affiliate service specialized in healthcare, beauty, and food areas.

KPI Assurance Service

Provides support for everything from new customer acquisition to CRM, including increase in conversion rate and LTV and on a contingency basis based on highly precise marketing forecast.


In addition to the reach in programs and videos, website linkage further promotes complementing information, promoting understanding, arousing interest, and fostering empathy, leading to purchases.

Offline digital transformation

Visualizes the effect obtained from two leads: direct effect acquired from offline advertising and indirect effect acquired from the web through offline advertising.

Hospitality Mall

Provides new purchase experience to users by having dedicated salespeople sell products exclusively available for e-commerce at commercial facilities and other actual locations.

Hospitality Center

Responds to product orders and inquiries, with the entire outbound operation carried out under an optimized communication method.

Enclosed advertising

Combined packing and shipping service that ensures high response and low cost with more than 500 affiliated media. Some media have been bought out by us.

DM advertising

Calculates advertising cost recovery model that includes the testing budget for each medium, and maximizes acquisition effectiveness with DMs that have high open rates.