Buzz Create

We design IMC-style SNS marketing by carrying out optimal budgetary allocation and media selection in line with brand conditions and goals.

Buzz Minutes

We calculate ripple effects in advance from applying out proprietary criteria to casting and visualize the results.


Using official accounts with algorithms for each SNS platform, we will accompany you along the whole journey from launch to fan creation to building sales.


Providing new sales promotion channels and purchasing experiences with live commerce Maximizes the effectiveness of sales promotions with the effect of live commerce by combining the original score logic of Influence developed by Buzz Minutes with D2C know-how.

PIALA Intelligence

Visualizing indirect effects which are difficult to quantify Visualizes the effectives and sales contribution of difficult-to-measure top funnel and middle funnel marketing measures.

PIALA intelligence for BUZZ

We visualize the degree of contribution to sales for each influencer in influencer measures, which are difficult to gauge.


Opens all our optimization methods to partner companies and shares our expertise to optimize clients’ marketing activities.

Cyber Star

Next-generation e-commerce system with all kinds of functions, including live commerce, gifting, and shopping functions.


From acquiring new customers to improving LTV by linking up with customer data Offers customized proposals of measures tailored to the concerns of companies – from measures to acquire new customers using Line to measures to improve LTV


Our company provides total support from matching you with the top marketers in each industry to following up on your projects. By doing so, we solve all kinds of issues such as recruitment, business, and education.